• Management Bios
    • Brian A. Gilmore, President, CEO
    • Patrick Murray, President
    • David Forbes, Managing Director, Head of Portfolio Management (P&A)
    • Steven Flynn, Vice President, Portfolio Management

Management Bios

BRIAN GILMORE, Chief Executive Officer of the asset manager.

Brian is Chief Executive Officer, Director, and a Shareholder. Brian currently manages  IMAX Documentary Films Capital a Delaware Registered Private Equity Fund. Prior to Patrician Brian managed Citizen Entertainment Fund an offshore registered investment fund with returns in excess of 30% in 2012-2013. 

2005 – 2011 Brian was the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Capitoline Global Finance, an investment bank that specializes in media and film finance to institutions globally.

Brian's career in Investment Banking began in 1986 at Drexel Burnham Lambert as a Senior Vice President in the Taxable Fixed Income Group (TFI). At Drexel, Brian was the top salesman in whole loan mortgage product, covering financial institutions globally. After Drexel, Brian created Wedge Capital Partners (WCP), a Resolution Trust Corporation (RTC) asset manager that focused on the acquisition of RTC distressed assets. Later, WCP merged with Coast Partners Securities where Brian was Director of Fixed Income and led the Emerging Markets sales and trading group. Under his leadership the firm traded hundreds of millions of dollars of Emerging Market debt and infrastructure projects in South, Central America and the Caribbean.

2002 - 2005 Brian joined CapStone Investments as head of Fixed Income, where he created a group, catering to International hedge funds. Brian resigned as partner at CapStone in 2005 to start Capitoline Global Finance.

Brian is the Founding President of Surf Aid International USA, a charity devoted to the prevention and eradication of malaria in Western Sumatra Indonesia that provides Tsunami and Earthquake disaster relief for the United Nations and other NGO's. Brian was honored in 2005 with the SAI Humanitarian Award for his extraordinary contribution to the health and welfare of indigenous people in the Mentawai Islands.

He holds a USTA National Ranking in Singles, as well as a USTA National Ranking in Father and Son Doubles.

Brian earned his BA in Political Science at the University of California, Santa Barbara.

Patrick Murray, Is President, Shareholder and a Director. Patrick is Manager of IMAX Documentary Films Capital.

Patrick has over 30 years of experience in the entertainment industry. He has held senior finance and operations positions for a variety of entertainment companies including, Home Box Office, IMAX Corporation, Avenue Pictures, Trans Pacific Films, InterMedia Film/Equities and Ensemble Entertainment.

Patrick began his career at HBO and advanced to the position of Vice President/Controller for all West Coast Operations. His tenure at HBO included two years living in London, where he helped establish the first international office for HBO. He was a member of the team that developed and launched the first satellite-delivered pay-TV service in Europe.

Subsequently, Patrick moved into feature films, becoming CFO and COO of Avenue Pictures and later Trans Pacific Films, where he was responsible for finance, business affairs and production. He held the position as Managing Director for InterMedia Film Equities, Inc., where some of his clients included Ridley and Tony Scott, Icon Productions, Kings Road Productions, Pinewood Shepperton Studios, Dark Horse Comics, The Family Channel, Showscan, Paul Hogan and others.

Patrick then joined IMAX as Head of Film Operations, Marketing and Distribution. He oversaw the development, production, marketing and distribution of some of the most successful large format releases for the company. Such films included  T-Rex 3D, CHINA the Panda Adventure,  (the first American film to be shot entirely on location in the People's Republic of China)   CyberWorld,  (which was the world's first 3D CG-animated film) and Space Station 3D,  (the first 3D film shot in outer space).

In 2003 - present, Patrick became Managing Partner of Ensemble Entertainment in partnership with HBO's mini series producer Tony To; ( From The Earth to the Moon, Band of Brothers, The Pacific).  Ensemble is involved in television, feature film and new media development and production.

Murray has a BA in Biology, a Masters in Neurophysiology, and an MBA all from University of California, Los Angeles.

David M. Forbes Principal, Senior Portfolio Manager.

Mr. Forbes was President of MGM/UA Distribution Company and has managed investments for Fox, United Artists, Orion Pictures, Spectrum Studios, Columbia and Rastar. Cumulatively the gross revenue to the studios exceeds $4 billion. $290mm investment with zero losses, cash returned to the studios exceeds the total amount invested by 10x. Collateral value and cash flow appreciated through the investment period worldwide. Performance has far exceeded initial collateral appraisal.¹

Mr. Forbes has invested studio capital for such films as  Matrix 2, Matrix 3, Star Wars, Silence of the Lambs, Dances with Wolves, Return of the Jedi, Rain Man, Licence to Kill, Robo Cop 2, Childs Play, Peggy Sue got Married, Space Balls, Moon Struck, Baby Boom, La Bamba, A Fish Called Wanda and many others. For 17 years Mr. Forbes has operated The David Forbes Company.

2000 to 2003 Mr. Forbes was CEO of Global Animation, a holding company for Imaginasia, (a digital animation production company based in the Philippines) and Spectrum Studios, (a visual effects company based in Los Angeles) which provided animation services to NBC and several international production companies. While at Spectrum, Mr. Forbes was Executive Producer of Visual Effects for Matrix 2 and 3.

From 1990 to 1993, Mr. Forbes was Executive Vice President of Orion Pictures Corporation as well as President of Orion Pictures Marketing and Distribution. Before joining Orion, he held positions as President of Marketing and Distribution at MGM/UA. He also was Senior Vice President for Distribution and special advisor to the president of Columbia Pictures. He was Vice President of Marketing and Distribution at Rastar, (Ray Stark's Production Company) and Director of Marketing Services at Twentieth Century Fox, where he began his career in 1974.

Over his career Mr. Forbes has developed strategic plans, solved management issues and designed marketing and distribution campaigns for top independent producers. He has introduced modern research techniques to movie production and marketing and expanded the scope and practice of movie marketing to include major tie-ins, licensing, and new technologies. He is the founder of SmartFilm. Mr. Forbes is also the founder of The Accidental Wine Company.

Mr. Forbes studied Political Science at the University Nebraska.

¹ Reporting verified by Public Financials

Steven Flynn Portfolio Manager.

Steven has successfully marketed films for NBC Universal, Focus Features, Rogue Pictures, USA Films, Gramercy Pictures, Vivendi Entertainment and National Geographic Films.

During his career Steven has consulted for numerous Academy Award campaigns including The 2012 Academy Awards which included these films: War Horse, Hugo, Puss in Boots, Kung Fu Panda 2, A Better Life and Midnight in Paris.

Steven has implemented and executed the successful marketing campaign for hundreds of films including Brokeback Mountain, Pride and Prejudice, Lost in Translation, The Pianist, The Silence of the Lambs, Dances with Wolves, Robocop 2, Elizabeth, Blood Simple, The Big Lebowski, Fargo, The Usual Suspects, Four Weddings and a Funeral, Romeo is Bleeding, Dazed and Confused, Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, The Addams Family, State of Grace, Dead Man Walking, King of the Hill and countless more with box office revenue in the billions.

2007 - 2012 Steven was the founding president of Edge Entertainment where his clients included 42 West - Public Relations, Strategic Alliance Pictures, and Vivendi Entertainment where he developed and executed all promotional pitch strategies, publicity and placement on national and regional campaigns. At National Geographic Films Steven launched the company's first 3D film, U2 3D and oversaw creative placement of all national and regional campaigns including television, radio, publicity and promotions.

1992 – 2007 Steven worked in a specialized film division of NBC Universal, where he was Executive Vice President of Marketing. During this time Steven also launched the marketing division of Focus Features, Rogue Pictures, USA Films and Gramercy Pictures. Steven's launch into major studio releases was at Orion Pictures, where he developed and executed all promotional pitch strategies, publicity and placement on national and regional campaigns. Prior to that Steven developed and oversaw the marketing campaigns for United Artists Theatre Circuit and United Film Distribution Company in New York City.

Steven is a member of Academy Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences since 1996. He is a member of the Motion Picture Pioneers and the Will Rogers Institute.

Steven holds a BA in Communications from University of Michigan.

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