Investment Approach

We specialize in alpha generating investments. The portfolio does not correlate to indexes. We achieve returns with minimal leverage, and without taking short positions. With this focused and disciplined approach, we find a tremendous amount of opportunity to acquire investments for our funds.

Patrician attains consistent above-market yields by exploiting market inefficiencies for first lien, asset-backed loans secured by ring fenced media property rights. Investments are screened through a multi-step process including an internal credit process during which we achieve a balanced, unbiased assessment of intrinsic value. The success of this process is no guarantee that any Patrician-managed fund will make an investment. We then employ industry-leading due diligence firms to value and assess each potential investment. Finally, our investment committee further scrutinizes the investment not only on its own merit but how it fits into the macro events shaping today’s world.

Patrician Funds